Crown Of Montenegro Triathlon

Located at the altitude of 1456 meters above the sea, Zabljak is the highest city in the Balkans. Surrounded by 23 mountain peaks of Durmitor, with 18 lakes – this part of Montenegro attracts tourists from all over the world during every season. Register for:

– Sprint triathlon ‍♀️ 750 m ‍♂️ 20km 5 km

– Olympic triathlon ‍♀️ 1.5 km ‍♂️ 40 km 10 km

– Olympic relay ‍♀️ 1.5 km ‍♂️ 40 km 10 km

Here – you will find everything nature can offer and more… Hiking, trail running, swimming in glacier lakes, kayaking in Europe’s deepest canyon on the river Tara, you name it, on Durmitor you will find a way to enjoy your time!


The swimming segment of the race will take place in the Devils lake. You will swim 2 laps of 750 meters (for Olympic triathlon) or 1 lap of 750 meters (Sprint triathlon) in the lake, which temperature in summer months is between 18 and 22 degrees.

  • Average water temperature on 31.07. is between 18 and 22 degrees.  It is allowed to use race neoprene suits.
  • Rolling start every 5 sec
  • Referees and rescue in kayaks and motor boats

Time limit: 1:30 h from the start, until 9:30 am. Competitors who did not arrive within the time limit will be disqualified (DSQ), they can continue race entirely on their own risk!


Bike segment of the race will be a scenic route of Durmitor. You will get a chance to enjoy all the beauties of the mountain range while completing 40km of bike ride with 635 meters of elevation.

  • Course description: scenic bike route takes you on a scenic route of Durmitor, clockwise direction, toward Sedlo Frame, Trsa, Nedajno, Sušica Canyon, Tara Canyon and Žabljak with start and finish at Devils lake. Lowest point at 1.191m above sea level, highest point 1.949 m above sea level. Total 2.150 m of climb and descend thru 92.8km. Road in good condition.
  • Closed for traffic
  • Refreshment zone at 5 points on course
  • Refreshment offer: bananas and bike bottles with water and isotonic
  • Wheel stop is located on each check point
  • Traffic will be regulated during the first and last part of the route (9km), while the section of Durmitor Ring will be closed for traffic
  • An organized police escort
  • Referees will be on motorcycles
  • Stewards will be placed at the critical points
  • Drafting is not allowed
  • Penalty stop is placed at the far end of each check point and near TA
  • TT bike, aero helmet and long aero bars are allowed
  • Time limit: 8:00h from the start, until 4:00 pm. Competitors who did not arrive within the time limit will be disqualified (DSQ), they can continue race entirely on their own risk!


The running part will begin at the Devils lake. You will run near Fish Lake, monumental medieval tombstones called Stećci, continuing towards Black and Snake lakes, through Ivan Do, finishing at the Black Lake.

  • Course is taking your through scenic parts of NP Durmitor, from Devils Lake to Black Lake, with 8,4 km of paved road and 12,7km of trail. There is 20 m elevation for Olympic triathlon (10 km run – 7 laps) and 12 m elevation for the Sprint Triathlon (5km run – 4 laps). Expected air temperature is 21-22°C.
  • Refreshment points: 5 on the course and after the finish line
  • Refreshment will include cups of water, Coca-Cola, iso-drinks and Red Bulls; salty crackers, bananas, oranges, tomatoes and energy gels; bags with ice and salt.
  • Time limit: 12h from the start, until 8:00 pm. Check point 10.8 Time limit 10 hrs form the start, until 6:00 pm. Competitors who did not arrive within the time limit will be disqualified (DSQ), they can continue race entirely at their own risk!

The competitors are responsible for their own safety after time limit is reached

Transition zone

  • Situated on Devils Lake
  • Reachable by car from Javorje until 07.00 on Race Day and from Njegovuđa after 07.00 on Race Day
  • Consists of : Bike park, wc, changing tents, pre-swim area, info desk

Car parking is 200 meters away, near the Fish Lake towards Njegovuđa

Finish area

  • Situated on Black Lake
  • Consists of: Back Office, Recovery Area, Meeting point, Awards podium
  • Car parking is 700 meters away, as this is natural protected area

National park Durmitor is situated near Žabljak, which is the city with highest altittude on Balkans, on northwest part of Montenegro and with 48 peaks higher then 2000 meters and 18 glacier lakes. Beauty of this nature is reachable by car within couple of hours driving from regional capitals.In surrounding area, within 2-3 hours driving to the site, there are 3 international airports with direct daily connections to many european capitals and cities and also to United States.

Race Info

Races will be held according ITU and CTF rules.

Licensed referees will be designated by CTF.

Race timing and data processing will be done by timing chip transponders.

Race announcement